This is how Rishi Kapoor turned into the CUTEST DADU ever in Kapoor & Sons


Rishi Kapoor was a revelation in the Kapoor & Sons trailer. If we hadn’t known better, he could have gone unrecognisable. Just because the actor makes it look effortless doesn’t mean he didn’t have to tax himself to get it right. And in this effort he got immense help from Greg Cannom, the man who has won three Oscars for his craft. Do you know how much time it took for both of them to get the look right? 5 FREAKING hours!

Rishi Kapoor plays the eldest Kapoor in the film and has two hunk of grandsons Fawad Khan and Sidharth Malhorta who are caught up in the family mess. Prosthetics have been used to make him look like a grandfather or rather look like the cutest dadu we have ever seen. It might seem pretty easy but this video proves it was just the opposite. Greg explains here how he always tries to put an element of the character in the makeup that he uses. He talks about the material used which is pretty expensive, he informs. The moment he explained the whole process, we broke out in sweat. Believe us…hats off to Mr. Cannom and Kapoor.

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