This sherwani-clad guy shows you how to get kicked out of a Trump rally in style


It was the hair flick to end all hair flicks.

Yesterday Saqib Javed showed the world how to call Donald Trump out for racism and get kicked out of a rally in style.

In a video on AJ+ and on Saqib’s Facebook page, the young student, attending a Trump rally in Warren, Michigan, is shown screaming at Trump: “Not all Muslims are terrorists! Not all Mexicans are rapists!”

Following this, Trump is heard yelling, “get him out of here!”

Using his phone, Saqib recorded himself being escorted from the rally… but not before he nonchalantly flicks back a lock of full, shiny hair. To top it all off, Saqib chose to stage his protest wearing an embroidered sherwani.

Speaking to a reporter after the rally, Saqib said: “Donald Trump, this is not the last time you’ll see me… you’ll see this face again.”

And what a face it is!

Saqib’s video prompted some awestruck responses on the internet. One man asked: “Let’s get to the important business. Where did he get that jacket? I need that jacket or something close to it. Not kidding.”

Another commentator suggested that “the reason he got kicked out was that Donald trump got jealous of his hair,” while someone confessed that “to be fair, I thought that was Prince until he started talking.”

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