This will make you wash your hands right now!


We all know the importance of washing hands but many a times we skip this simple step, unmindful of the harm it may be doing to us. In fact, there have been times when we have even done with merest of rinsing because we don’t feel the need of using a hand wash.

Did you know picking bacteria through hands is the fastest and easiest way to catch communicable diseases such as Hepatitis, influenza or even common cold? We can pick this not only from areas that we feel are dirty such as toilets but even from some of the most common places that seem harmless. For example, your office door could have been touched by someone who didn’t wash his hands after using the toilet or by someone who is suffering from flu and hadn’t washed his hands after sneezing into them. Your gym’s treadmill, the office computer or the metro coach you travel in, all harbor dangerous bacteria and make you vulnerable. Understandably, you can’t avoid touching these surfaces but what you can do is follow simple hand hygiene rules. And it is indeed possible without being obsessive.

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