Thousands of Indians in Dubai Roar Approval Through PM Modi’s Speech


DUBAI:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed 50,000 strong Indian diaspora at the Dubai cricket stadium where the crowd roared and cheered in approval.

Here are the highlights of his speech:

  • I see before me here a mini-India. You are those people who have worked hard and are working here for many years. At the same time you are enhancing India’s pride.
  • Even if it rains in India, people in Dubai open their umbrellas to keep us safe.
  • When Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji was the PM, India had conducted nuclear tests and the world was shocked. Sanctions were put on India. That time, Vajpayee ji had asked Indians all over the world to help the nation.
  • Indian working in this Gulf country had the biggest contribution is filling the treasury of India.
  • People from all the countries of the world are living in Dubai. People from even the coldest parts of the world like the 40 degrees Celsius temperature here. Imagine the strength shown, the magnetic power that has drawn the world here to Dubai.
  • So many flights are there between India and UAE but it took 34 years for a PM to visit this nation.
  • Crown Prince and five brothers received me at airport. I am very thankful to him. This love, this respect is not for an individual. This is the respect for India’s changing perception. India is slowly making its own identity in the world.
  • His Highness has agreed to give us land for building a temple. People who stay here will realise the importance and significance of this decision.
  • I am happy today about the joint statement released by India and UAE. You would also be happy to know, the Crown Prince has pledged an investment of Rs. 4.5 lakh crore in India.
  • Today, I am also thankful to the top leaders of this country that they have backed the candidature of India’s permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council.
  • UAE and India have made a clear statement against terror in their joint statement today. This is very important… samajhne wale samajh jayenge (the message will be clear to those it’s intended for).
  • In their attempt to ensure that there are no more wars 70 years ago. But they have not been able to define terrorism. What is terrorism, who is a terrorist and which country supports terrorism. I am happy to tell you that his Highness crown prince has supported India’s stand.
  • 1.25 crore Indians have elected a majority government after 30 years. When a person shakes hand with Modi, that person sees 1.25 crore Indians, and sees the fast growing economy of India.
  • We had launched ‘Make in India’ a while back. We say, welcome, India is a country of opportunities. It is a lucky country which has 65% population that is below 35 years of age.
  • Today be it IMF, Moody’s or any other financial rating institution. All have said unanimously that the fastest economic reforms and growth is happening in India. In India, the Foreign Direct Investment has increased by 48 per cent.
  • Today the world gets terrified with the name of terrorism. They hate this word.
  • Our innocent people have been killed by the bullets of the terrorists.
  • When I used to talk about terrorism with other leaders, they used to say it’s a problem of your law and order. And now they understand that terrorism has no boundaries.
  • Good terrorism, bad terrorism is not going to work anymore. Everyone will have to decide whether they are with terrorism or humanism.
  • Nagaland has been reeling under the influence of insurgency. Slowly, it spread in the neighboring states with different names, groups. Today I can tell you with satisfaction that just a month ago, we have been able to talk to these insurgent groups and bring them into mainstream after 60-70 years.
  • In the end, solution is found through talks. It doesn’t matter for how long you fight, the final decision is taken after talks and on a table.
  • Bangladesh and India had difficulty in deciding border. Infiltration was easy. With your blessings, India took the initiative to find a solution through talks. Last September, I met the President of Bangladesh and we signed the agreement to end the dispute.
  • Today, there’s a government in Delhi that is visible everywhere. In a matter of few hours, whatever we could do, Indians went to aid the people of Nepal at the time of need.
  • Some people (in SAARC) have problems with us. But are we going to stop our work because others have a problem. We are trying to put a fresh lease of life into SAARC. Earlier it was a forum to fight with each other.
  • We have decided that we will send a SAARC satellite to the Space, the facilities of which will be given free to the SAARC countries.
  • We work, not with arrogance of being big, but we work shoulder to shoulder with everyone towards development.

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