TiE Houston Features Tech Pioneer Sabeer Bhatia, AI Innovations

TiE Houston President Dr. Ram Shenoy, with Guest Speaker Riaz Siddiqui, Past-President Aruna Viswanathan and Keynote Speaker Sabeer Bhatia

HOUSTON: TiE Houston leveraged the power of the global TiE network by hosting invited keynote speaker Sabeer Bhatia, the founder of Hotmail at the Junior League of Houston on Nov 2,  bringing together 150 entrepreneurs,  students, technology enthusiasts, and business leaders. 

Bhatia spoke about how the themes of education, entrepreneurship, and artificial intelligence have intertwined throughout his entrepreneurial career, culminating in his latest venture, ShowReel, an AI-driven platform designed to educate the masses.    The event also featured Riaz Siddiqi, Chairman of Clovis Point Capital and Epochal Technologies and Founder of Denham Capital, who opened the evening with remarks on the adverse impact of emerging artificial intelligence applications on macroeconomic and geopolitical risk.   

The event was well-received by event guests.  

 Commented Nishad Mehta, Owner of Avnee L.P, a Table Sponsor, and also a TiE Houston Board and Charter Member:

“TiE Houston has been Houston’s best-kept secret, but that is changing, and it’s all thanks to incredible events like the one on November 2nd. Sabeer Bhatia’s captivating insights into the birth of Hotmail and his cutting-edge AI venture, ShowReel, inspired us. The event’s flawless execution made it one for the books, perhaps the best in TiE Houston’s history during my tenure.

I wholeheartedly extend my invitation to business professionals from all fields: become a part of TiE Houston and witness the incredible benefits it offers in mentoring, networking, education, and investment opportunities further leveraged by access to TiE Global. This secret is now too good to keep!”

BioNRG sponsored a table at the event and had guests from all different industries attend to allow for diverse conversation.

 “I realize I am pigeonholed when I attend events such as these. It is inspiring to be in a room full of accomplished people and hear their entrepreneurial journey” says BioNRG guest within Real Estate Finance.

 “There is always a nugget, a takeaway that is relatable to your industry, listening to leaders such as Sabeer makes it more tangible” said another guest at the table who belongs to the management consulting industry.

BioNRG sponsored a table at the event and had guests from all different industries attend to allow for diverse conversation.

 “Truly an amazing event with Sabeer Bhatia as the keynote speaker giving his insight about how his passion, vision and thinking out of the box enabled him to come up with the “hotmail” idea and how it inspired him with his new startup “ShowReels” – very enlightening and enchanting evening.”  said Ash Shah, founder & Chaiman of Impex Capital Group.

 I had the privilege of attending my first TiE Global event, and I was captivated by the incredible mix of talent, the profound expertise and accomplishments of our keynote speaker, and the timeliness of the discussions surrounding today’s most critical issues. Moreover, the engaging conversations and connections forged in the room and the dinner table were an invaluable addition, offering the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues with seasoned experts and visionary leaders. The event exuded an electrifying energy, leaving me eagerly anticipating the next one” said Ishan Prakash, Manager at Metis Strategy.

Dr. Muddasir Siddiqi, President of the Central Campus of Houston Community College, and a corporate member of TiE Houston, commented:  “Nearly two decades ago, I marked my journey into the digital world by creating my email account on Hotmail.com. Just yesterday, I had the delightful opportunity to meet Sabeer Bhatia, the visionary behind Hotmail. I am grateful to TiE Houston for organizing an inspiring meeting of influential individuals and aspiring minds in our city.”

A Houston Community College student said, “It was an amazing evening at the TiE Houston Event, and what made it even better was the chance to meet so many amazing people, including Sabeer Bhatia. Listening to him talk and learning from his experiences are invaluable information I am taking from this event as a college student. Also, the food was 100% good.”

One hundred fifty event guests met with leaders in technology and business, exchanging ideas and exploring the potential for innovation and growth in various sectors.  TiE Houston looks forward to hosting many more engaging and enlightening events, further fostering entrepreneurship and technological advancements in the City of Houston.

TiE Houston would like to acknowledge the support of:

Table sponsors:  AlphaX Decision Sciences Inc, Apex Resources Inc, Avnee L.P., JDI Ventures, and Zentech, USA

Corporate Sponsors and Corporate Members:  Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures Inc, Eunike Ventures, Houston Community College, and RW Baird

 Community Partners:  The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston, Houston Angel Network,  Rice Alliance, and OPEN Houston

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