TiE Houston Holds May Mentoring, Networking Meeting

Dr. Arun Pasrija addressing TiE Houston Members.

Dr. Arun Pasrija addressing TiE Houston Members.

HOUSTON: On Tuesday, May 1, TiE Houston members congregated at the newly opened The Sugar Refinery, owned by TiE Houston Charter Member, Jiten Karnani for their May event.

The evening began with networking social hour.  Dr. Arun Pasrija (TiE Houston President) started the meeting with reiterating’s TiE’s mission to foster entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, and education. Dr. Pasrija mentioned that TiE, with 56 chapters across 17 countries with 11,000 members and 2,800 charter members, is celebrating its 25 year anniversary this year. Charter Members, who are successful entrepreneurs and/or business executives, make the pillars of each chapters. They commit their time to help next generation of entrepreneurs – a “leveraged give back” which creates jobs, economic activities and wealth in the community. Dr. Pasrija provide an update for the new TiE Houston Angel Investor initiative that has been kick started by the incredible over $200,000 prize, raised by TiE Houston/Global charter members, presented to a student team from Aachen (Germany), Medical Magnesium,  at the Rice Business Plan Competition on April  8th, 2017. TiE Houston plans to promote angle investment initiative, by its charter members, as an on-going activity.

Rajdeep Golecha

Rajdeep Golecha

“One of the goals for TiE Houston’s meetings is to provide a forum to present new companies founded by its members to the community”, said Dr. Arun Pasrija as he introduced TiE Houston member Rajdeep Golecha to present his startup company, Zdaly.

Zdaly is a big data technology company that integrates world data and transforms into insightful analytics. Trillions of valuable data are generated each year that are critical for businesses and researchers. However, the data is unstructured and spread across various sources, making it extremely challenging to integrate, clean, analyze and understand cross pollination of these data. Zdaly’s proprietary technology is the most powerful data transformation tool, built to solve these challenges. Zdaly’s technology is bringing world data in one place using Artificial Intelligence that creates Insightful Analytics and Data Visualization. More information available: https://www.zdaly.com/

Jay Patel

Dr. Jay Patel

Dr. Pasrija also welcomed one of TiE Houston’s newest charter member, Dr. Jay Patel.   Dr. Patel shared his background. He is the proud founder of NRI Startup India. NRI Startup India is formed by a group of successful and professional Non-Resident Indians to bring together, inspire and empower a new generation of Indian Leaders by creating a unique ecosystem of opportunities and helping them to grow in the international market. NRI Startup India provides a winning strategy for Indian entrepreneurship and innovation that mobilizes and spearheads to the forefront of India’s foremost talents and creative geniuses. More information available: www.nristartupindia.com

Finally, Ana Rojas, the Executive Director of TiE Houston, gave a demonstration of newly veiled technology platform that will now connect all 20, 000 global TiE members. This will allow members to connect with other members from all over the world in a brand new way. The initiative began that evening.

For more TiE Houston news, to become a member, or to discover upcoming events visit www.houston.tie.org