TransAmerica’s Bollywood Treat for the South-Asian Community

Abha Transamerica

By Vanshika Vipin

HOUSTON: This was no ordinary Sunday for some lucky folks in Houston. TransAmerica Agency Network organized a movie day, with latest Bollywood hit ‘Ki and Ka’ to show their appreciation for support by Houston’s South-Asian community.

People were invited to watch the highly entertaining film starring Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor, at the AMC Dunvale Theatres on Sunday, April 3 for the 11:30 am show. What a novel way to begin a Sunday!

The agency went all out, not only organizing the show, but also making sure they welcomed guests personally. Top management of the agency including William Garner (Managing Director) and Abha Dwivedi (Associate Director) were there at the entrance to greet the guests. Their team, including Rukhsana Lakhani, Anju Chugh, Malti Kumar, Shree Madan, Owais Minhas, Renuka Lakhani, John Kmiecik, Dhirubhai Patel, Narinder Kaur and Salma Kurji, joined them in welcoming the invitees.

Before the movie screening, the entire team was introduced to the audience and a company introduction was given. Abha thanked the invitees and her team who helped organize the event.

The activities organized before the screening, were as entertaining as the movie itself! A slideshow was played before the film with funny quotes from Bollywood movies for each team member. For example, team member Rukhsana’s favorite dialogue was “Hum Jahan Khade Ho Jaate Hain Line Wahan Se Shuru Hoti Hai,” while Owais Minhas confessed that ‘Kajarare Kajarare’ was his favorite item number.

The guests had a great time watching the film and interacting with TransAmerica’s courteous team.

Abha Transamerica 1

Abha Dwivedi

Guests who attended the screening were also happy to know more about the company. TransAmerica Agency Network is a licensed insurance agency with TransAmerica Life Insurance Company, Monumental Life Insurance Company and affiliated TransAmerica companies offering insurance and financial products. Their products include Products, Term and cash value life insurance, non med policies, college funding, retirement, annuities, Long term care, and Disability.

Associate director Abha Dwivedi, a well-known person in the Houston community, with over 12 years of industry experience joined TransAmerica recently, and looks after the recruiting department. A fun-loving person, master of the Hindi language, Bollywood-lover and a poet, she is known for hosting events and being an amazing emcee. If you’re looking for a career in the finance industry, she’s the person to call.

After the movie Abha said, “Our ongoing comprehensive training program prepares our insurance agents for a meaningful and rewarding future designed for long term success.” The success of the event, with more than 450 guests turning up, had the company hope they could make this an annual ritual!

For further details, contact Abha Dwivedi at 281-650-3229 or email at or