Transitioning from the Backyard to the Schoolyard

Best in class

Best in Class Education Center offers tips for parents and students to make the shift between schools as smooth as possible

As the dog days of summer start to cool and the beginning of the school year peeks over the horizon, yet another “first day of school” comes to the forefront of both students’ and parents’ minds. Some first days are more memorable than others, but it’s important to support your children throughout every stage of their education, especially during transitional times.

Best in Class Education Center has some tips on making that rite of passage as smooth as possible for both parent and student:

•Establish a routine, and start it early. Children thrive off of routine, so start building a framework for the school year early. Adjust bedtimes and wake-up calls to coincide with your child’s new schedule to establish a sense of readiness for the year to come.

• Take advantage of “visit days”. If your child’s school offers “visit days”, make a field trip to see your child’s new stomping grounds. This early immersion will provide your child with a chance to become acclimated to the new environment and eliminate any mystery surrounding the day.

•  Address change in a positive way. Face your child’s fear head-on with them; don’t brush your child’s weariness aside. By candidly discussing your child’s preoccupation with his or her first day of school, you can more easily keep fears at bay.

•   Clear your schedule. Free up as much time as possible so that you can be present as a calm and positive force for your child. Sharing the time before and after school will lend your child a source of stability and reassurance during the transition.

•    Build a network of friends and educators. Through extracurricular programs and tutoring centers, your child can form friendships and strengthen his or her social skills in an educational environment. These centers, like Best in Class Education Center, can help children be at their boldest and brightest for the first day—and every day—of school.

Best in Class offers a variety of customized, supplemental enrichment courses and tutoring options to ensure your students are equipped with the tools they need to exceed their academic goals this school year.

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Best in Class is targeting the addition of 20 more units in 2015. The state of Texas has been identified as a key state for growth.  The current team behind Best in Class is looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to join this premier franchise family and ensure our youth will excel academically.