Tributes to HGH Founding Member Dr. G.S. Gopalakrishna

By Dr. Mark Gilger

Dr. Mark Gilger is with Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) & Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH)

HOUSTON: I am a pediatrician & pediatric gastroenterologist. Dr Gopalakrishna was a friend, colleague and mentor. I first met “Krishna”, as he was always known to us, in 1986, as I began my fellowship training in pediatric gastroenterology at TCH & BCM. Krishna taught me and many in this room how to care for babies & children with GI problems.

He was a gifted teacher & physician. He had remarkable diagnostic prowess. He was one of the smartest people I knew. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Krishna was his humble, warm personality.

I always felt he never got the respect he deserved, but I knew, his patients and families knew, and my colleagues all knew he was a “go to” physician when you needed help. I think Krishna was a shining example of “living a life worth living”.

It was a privilege to know him &work with him and I will always treasure watching him live “a life worth living”

A file photo from early days of the Founding members of the Hindus of Greater Houston. Dr. G.S. Gopalakrishna is shown standing second from right and behind his wife Shanta.

By Thara Narasimhan

HOUSTON: The Hindus of Greater Houston expresses our heartfelt condolences to the family of Dr. G.S. Gopalakrishna, who passed away on February 7. This is a great loss to our Houston Hindu community. He was the founder member of Hindus of Greater Houston. He took an active part in the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America. He was an integral part of the Hindu Heritage Youth camp for several years and was the Camp Doctor for the entire week.

Vijay Pallod, in his tribute to Dr. Gopalakrishna on Sunday, February 11 remarked on Dr. Gopalkrishna’s constant
advice to him on many aspects of medical, personal, and guidance for all matters of helping HGH grow. Dr. Gopalakrishna was very thoughtful, candid, and insightful in doing what he believed was best for the community.

Suresh Patel of the Gujarati Samaj Houston, one of the founders of the Hindu Heritage Youth Camp, paid respects to him for his dedication and recalled accompanying him to the National VHPA conference several years ago.

Other Tributes came from Beth Kulkarni, another founder of the Hindus of Greater Houston and former Advisory Council member who shared that “Dr. Gopalakrishna made a significant impact on my life. While we worked together in several organizations, I was exposed to his great wisdom, understanding, and compassion. Knowing him helped me to become a better person.”

Sharad Amin, the former President of HGH, and an activist with Hindu Swayam Sewak Sangh Balagokulam, SEWA International, and VHPA-America said: “Very sad to find out about the passing away of Dr. Gopalakrishna. He was the VHP summer camp doctor for a long time. We traveled together one time to attend the VHPA governing council meeting in Indianapolis. He inspired so many of us, to have patience and a cool mind during any pressure situation. He was easy to work with and very knowledgeable”.