Trump says will investigate visa abuses; Indian workers may face tough scrutiny


US president-elect Donald Trump has said that one of his first executive orders after assuming office would be to order investigation into all visas abuses that undermine jobs for the American worker, indicating that foreigner workers, including Indians, may face tough scrutiny under his administration.

While Trump did not identify or name any particular visa abuse, lawmakers for the past few years have expressed concern over abuse of H-1B visas by companies.

During his presidential campaign, Trump had emphasised tightening immigration and criticised companies that ship jobs overseas to countries like India and China.

“One of my first executive orders will ask the Department of Labour to investigate all visa abuses that undermine jobs and wages for the American worker,” Trump said at a rally in Michigan on Friday.

“We will fight to protect every American life. During the campaign, I also spent time with American workers laid off and forced to train the foreign workers that were brought in to replace them. That’s not going to happen anymore,” Trump said.

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