“Thee” – Terrific Tamil Music Video Released by an all Houston Team Led by Mahalakshmi Krishnan

Mahalakshmi Krishnan

Mahalakshmi Krishnan

By Nalini Sadagopan

HOUSTON: Setting fire to the music scene in Houston is the new music video “Thee” – which translates to “Fire” – released by the popular play back singer Mahalakshmi and her team. Mahalakshmi – who has made Houston her recent home since 2010 – is a musical breeze that has swept town with her scintillating and mesmerizing voice. Since her arrival, her talent and pleasing persona have made her a much sought after musician among the Houstonites. She has performed around town at galas including the recent IACF fundraiser for a real worthy cause – enthralling audience with her multilingual abilities. Besides a performing artist, Maha as she is fondly known has always had the fire to create something new and exciting. Stretching herself into newer frontiers of music – she composed the tune to her first number recently. A project such as the making of an outstanding music video requires the key ingredients of talent, passion and team work in equal proportion. The smash hit (released Nov 24 2013 on youtube) which has garnered more than 1500 views in less than 24 hours is proof to such incredible work by the talented team led by Maha. She worked with a team of musicians led by Sandeep Kumrouth in Mumbai to orchestrate and arrange the music with many live instruments; music melodiously mixed by Beno PK. Dr. Babu Sundaram – who is no stranger to the Houston scene and is popularly known as Director Babu based on his successful productions for the 48h film projects, and short movies – set fresh, imaginative and catchy lyrics in Tamil to the tune by Maha. The lyrical value in combination with the catchy and melodious tune was visually captured by Jake Hellbach an extremely talented cinematographer also a Houstonian. The song which portrays the mood of a young girl in love and in anticipation of her lover was pictured in a lovely bamboo garden Caldwell nursery in Rosenberg, TX with Sanjana Ranganathan a sophomore at Rice University. The all Houston team includes, Priya Chandru, Ila Muruga, Delores Taylor and Barani Venkataraman.  Dr. Sundaram wears another feather on his cap as the director and the editor of this production. Under the passionate leadership of Maha the wholesome product has stolen the hearts of not only the local music lovers but also those worldwide through social media.

Maha who is a MBA graduate from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago played a corporate stint with Freddie Mac for a few years, before she decided to pursue the dream of her life – MUSIC – with gusto. Her mom – her musical inspiration and her husband Krishna have been extremely supportive of her efforts in making a difference through music. Her profound training in classical Indian music along with her sonorous voice are her key assets. Maha shuttles between the Indian sub-continent as she records music for well-known music directors in the Kollywood scene and Houston where she lives. “I thought you miss out on BIG opportunities because you live far away from the Indian music/film scene and that age limits the limelight brought by reality music shows.  But if you are passionate about what you do, then you end up making the BEST use of the opportunities that are available to you. Through “Thee”, I have realized that I have won many hearts and I am really encouraged and motivated to create more music”, says Maha, the ever-young looking delight, who has also played a role alongside some popular cast in a Tamil movie to be released soon.

 “Imagination creates Reality”- true to the great German composer Richard Wagner, Maha is passionate to create more reality through her musical imagination. Congratulations and best wishes as we impatiently await more reality music videos from the talented team of Houstonians who make us very proud through their impeccable work.