Turning Your Family Vacation into an Educational Experience



There’s nothing better than a summer vacation – quality time spent as a family and the opportunity for children to explore, travel, and learn all at the same time. Planning an educational family getaway is a win-win for everyone. Best in Class Education Center offered up some different ideas for you to consider when planning your family vacation this summer.

Historic Destinations
Choose a destination enriched with our nation’s history such as Washington D.C, Colonial Williamsburg, or Boston. Explore our nation’s capital and tour the national monuments, or walk the freedom trail as a family in Boston. Ahead of the trip, you can spend time as a family doing research about the destination and show your child the value in planning for a trip. Historical books are also great for your child to read ahead of the trip to be well prepared.

Create a checklist beforehand for all of the different sites you’re going to visit as a family. During each visit, take pictures of your child in front of the different monuments or along the freedom trail; these pictures will come in handy for show-and-tell or fall book reports and make for great family keepsakes.

National Parks & Landmarks
Exploring national parks as a family is beautiful and also educational. Whether you decide to travel by plane or travel cross-country in a vehicle, some of the most popular sites include the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Zion National Park, and many more. Choosing to travel to a national park as a family is a great opportunity for your child to take in nature’s beauty while also learning about science and our earth’s composition. Before the trip, give your child a geography lesson and create a checklist of different plants and animals you might see while exploring the national parks. At many national parks, rangers offer educational talks and guided hikes during which you and your child can learn about the park’s ecology, geology, and history.

Resorts with Child Camps
If you’re looking for a more relaxed, laid-back vacation, many resorts around the U.S. have great child camps with different fun and educational activities for children of all ages. As a family, plan fun day trips at your destination of choice, whether it be visiting a local art exhibit, trying a different cuisine, or admiring a local monument. Don’t forget to check out the different kids’ camp offerings at your resort of choice.

Whether you travel near or far, there are an abundance of different learning activities for your child from start to finish. Involve your child in planning the trip from the get-go. This will be a great learning experience for all and will keep them very engaged during the trip and keep them on their toes.

Best in Class Education Centers offer a variety of summer camp programs to engage children in learning and staying sharp over the summer while having fun. The summer program combines various areas of focus from math, English, health & nutrition, arts & crafts, science, social studies, games, drama & theatre, and other activities.

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