Tutak Tutak Tutiya Movie Review


STORY: Krishna (Prabhu Deva), a city bachelor, wishes to get married to a modern, English speaking girl but ends up with village belle Devi (Tamannaah). The newlyweds return to Mumbai and rent out a house as Krishna is too ashamed to introduce his desi wife to his friends. Turns out the house is haunted by the ghost of its previous owner Ruby, an ambitious starlet. She possesses Devi to fulfill her impending dream of becoming a popular actress. Krishna’s predicament forms the story.

REVIEW: Deepika Padukone’s iconic ghostly scene from Chennai Express – (Thangabali Kitavaradhe), reminded us that there is scope for decent horror-comedies in Bollywood. This film shares that sentiment and dedicates an entire story to the genre, which is refreshing.

Here, horror leads to comedy as Ruby’s spirit randomly jumps in and out of Devi’s body, keeping Krishna and the audience on its toes. It’s all quite silly but the director’s modest approach towards the story works. The repetition of funny scenes robs it of its glory though. As the story progresses, the horror comedy turns into a drama and like its female protagonist, struggles with its multiple-personalities a bit. The end result turns out to be a fairly watchable film that works for its honesty and harmlessness more than its entertainment value.

Boasting of a clean family humour, Vijay doesn’t try too hard to please his audience and gets brownie points for keeping things sweet and simple. The movie does not pretend to be smarter than it is and that’s a welcome relief. The special effects in a particular scene are impressive as well.

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