Twist in the tale: Maharana Pratap finds a new enemy


Sony Entertainment Television’s popular historical show Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap is soon going to unfold new twists and turns to enthrall viewers. Post the victory of Rana Uday Singh over Shams Khan, Mewar is joyous and celebrating the victory. Maharani Jaivantabai welcomes Rana Uday Singh and Pratap with proper rituals and the rajmahal is decorated fabulously and celebration is on its top. The entire Mewar clan is rejoicing and all praises for Pratap.

Amidst the pomp and gaiety, Rani Bhatiyani arrives and scolds Pratap as she didn’t appreciate Pratap risking his life at such a tender age. This sudden conduct of Rani Bhatiyani shocks everyone. It is later that all realize that Rani Bhatiyani is missing from the fort and is found in a temple thanking God for saving Pratap’s life. She places the burning camphor on her palm overwhelming Pratap proving her love towards him. As Bhatiyani is treated for her wounds, Pratap feels astonished and lucky.

Between all the prayers and praises for the courageous Pratap, an evil eye seems to be following him… Who could this new found enemy be? Why is this person plotting against Pratap? …

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