Twitterati go crazy over this photo of ‘gold paste’ recovered at Hyderabad airport

Most users were surprised as to how the gold paste looks and coudln’t believe it. (Source: ANI/ Twitter)

The world wide web is a giant repository of information, a source from which people can acquire new information. And sometimes many information can be quite baffling or even amusing. Something similar happened on Twitter on Sunday when desi users came across “gold paste”. News agency ANIreported that the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence recovered around 2kg of gold paste from a passenger at Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad International Airport. A normal amount of gold being smuggled illegally but what left Twitterati going crazy were the photographs attached in the tweet.

“Directorate of Revenue Intelligence recovered 1.850 kg gold paste from a passenger at Hyderabad International Airport, yesterday,” they wrote in a tweet along with a photo that of the unusual paste — something that had a very uncanny resemblance with poop. And quite unsurprisingly, many users echoed the same thought.


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