UK election shock: David Cameron defies polls with clear victory


London (CNN)Pundits had predicted the UK election would be a close one and suggested there would be days of post-vote, backroom talk to thrash out a power-sharing deal.

Instead, it’s turned into a thumpin’.

With all the results in, British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservative Party have claimed an outright majority in Parliament, with 331 seats out of 650, and can form a new government.

As the dust settled Friday, three party leaders resigned, including opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.

What this means for the UK is that the Conservatives get to govern alone after five years in a coalition, though with a slender majority.

Millions in Britain cast their vote, with turnout at about 66%, but the rest of the world should also pay attention.

The outcome of this election could reshape the country’s global role for years, most importantly in terms of Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

And a strong showing by the Scottish National Party, or SNP, could fuel a fresh push for Scottish independence.

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