Unique Holi traditions in North, East, West and South of India


Holi is a festival of colour, and Holi 2018 will be no different. This is one aspect of the festival that we are completely aware of. But what is fascinating about India is the mix of language, music, dialect, clothes and almost everything. So the same goes with the Holi festival too. The way it is celebrated in North India, you will be amazed to know that down South, Holi is celebrated in a completely different fervour. This intriguing diversity even in celebrating a single festival makes India an epitome of diversity. While some rituals might seem to be a part of merriment in one part of the country, it might seem bizarre in the other part; but this is what defines India.

Here take a peep into the unique styles of celebrating this colourful festival in different parts of our country.

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Credit: happytrips.com