Unmesh to Unfold Spectrum: Traditional Music at its Colorful Best


By Sasi Raghavan

HOUSTON: After a sultry afternoon, imagine a beautiful evening – relaxing on your porch, with a cup of tea, watching the rainbow colors of the trees all around. The ambient temperature perfectly poised between warm and cool, you feel the gentle breeze brushing past your face. Slowly, you hear the droplets of rain – first delicately falling down and then turning into a torrential downpour – emanating an earthy smell, reminding you of your childhood, a time when you were an integral part of the nature that surrounds you. By the time you wake up the day, it’s a cool crisp morning!

Saturday, Oct 15, will be one such remarkable evening, where Houstonians will have the opportunity to connect with these elements of nature through Hindustani Classical music at Saadhana Unmesh, the much-celebrated, much-awaited Flagship event of the Center for Indian Classical Music of Houston (CICMH), an organization founded by Pandit Suman Ghosh, which strives to bring this traditional art form to the community in the purest and most holistic form. This event, to be held at Stude Concert Hall, Shepherd School of Music, Rice University at 3:15pm, will feature the disciples of Pandit Ghosh, Hindustani Classical Music Virtuoso.  During the course of this musical evening, aptly titled “Spectrum”, one can witness the confluence of Music and Tradition, with about 90 disciples of the much revered Gurukul, Saadhana Pariwar, ages 5 to 70, presenting a spectacular garland of Raags through delightful compositions and delicate moves.


The rain of raags will display beautiful color schemes knit together by musical notes, creativity and imagination of the highest order from Pandit Ghosh, the maestro himself, portraying a whole new dimension of this age-old complex musical system, bound to transport us to a spiritual world filled with happiness, attesting to the belief that this traditional music is a reflection of our association with nature. A range of moods – from serenity to ecstatic joy, from sheer dynamism to tranquil calmness, can be experienced in this captivating music palette. Unmesh, meaning “blossoming”, will showcase the growth of musicality in the performers representing the wider community, and will help the blossoming of the mind and spirit of the audience as well.

Guru Pandit Suman Ghosh-Ji himself has conceptualized, directed and will be conducting this magnificent musical event in the most traditional way. The Chief Guest of the evening will be the Honorable Consul General of India, Shri Anupam Ray.

Please come, enjoy this free event at this magnificent venue, open to all. Partake in India’s heritage at Saadhana Unmesh – Spectrum and feel the awakening in you.