US-based Kerala Center to honour six Indian Americans


WASHINGTON: US-based Kerala Center will honour six Indian-American Malayalees for their outstanding achievements and service to the society.

“Every year we invite nominations and the committee has to make a unanimous choice for a candidate in a category to be selected to receive the award and this year is no different from previous years in terms of their achievements,” said Kerala Center board member and trustee Thomas Abraham.

The honorees were selected by a committee consisting of four members headed by Abraham.

They will be honoured at the Center’s 23rd Annual Awards Banquet on November 7 at World’s Fair Marina in Flushing in New York City.

The honorees include Navin Manjooran, global director (Energy) for Siemens AG; Sasi K Pillay, chief information officer, University Wisconsin System, Prem Soman, director of Nuclear Cardiology and associate professor of Medicine and Clinical and Translation Science at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for Medicine.

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