Ventilator movie review: Priyanka Chopra’s production is a study in human emotions


The moment you hear the word ventilator, the first thought that strikes you is either an ailing patient or about a hospital. The title of the recently released Marathi movie, Ventilator, gives out a similar impression to the movie goers.

In the movie, Gajanan Kamerkar suffers a brain hemorrhage. The moment the news breaks, all his relatives from Konkan village gather in the hospital to meet him. All of those who visits him have a different mindset. They bring along with them their individual viewpoints and opinions. Though the movie does not have a well-knitted story-line but the portrayal of the individual mindset of Kamerkar’s relatives who visit him and their relationship with each other build up the base of the movie.

The first half of the movie leaves the audience rolling in the aisles as much confusion is created when every character talks about his or her own issues and counters the arguments of others. But after the interval, the movie gets a bit emotional and every scene is stretched beyond a limit. This slows down the pace of the movie. If a little more attention would have been paid to the later half of the movie, definitely, it would have been a classic.

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