Vicky Kapoor’s entry in Life OK’s Nadaan Parinde to bring in a shocking twist


Scaling Heights’ Nadaan Parinde, which recently went on-air on Life OK, seems to be getting interesting by the day.

While the story started off showing childhood friends Meher (Gulki Joshi) and Sameer (Karam Rajpal) falling in love with each other, the Panchayat has now asked Meher’s mother Nimmi to get her married. While Nimmi would have plans to introduce a person who would be interested in marrying her, there will arise some interesting developments in the show.

While the story is currently in the transition mode, Aakash Talwar will enter the show as an NRI by the name of Ranveer. Lovingly called RV and Gollu, he will try to convince Meher to get married to him.

On the other hand, a parallel track has been planned where Sameer’s brother Purab (Nikkhil Chaddha) will request Colonel Avtar Singh (Zahid Ali) to enroll him into the army. This will bring to the fore an interesting twist that will grip the viewers.

Wondering what this interesting twist will be?

Read on…

Sameer will suddenly get kidnapped!

Yes, struggling Punjabi actor Vicky Kapoor will mark his entry in the show as the kidnapper Malik.

And while Meher will get concerned about her love Sameer; Purab will end up falling in love with her.

Will Sameer be able to save himself from the hazard and will Meher find him?….

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