‘Vijender’s car planted where drugs found’

Vija singh use

The drug scandal surrounding Vijender Singh on Tuesday took a new twist with one of his fellow pugilists Dinesh Kumar disputing the claims of Punjab Police even as the sports ministry explored ways to subject the star boxer to a heroin test despite NADA’s refusal to do so.  Almost a month after the scandal broke out, Dinesh, an Asian Games silver medallist, claimed that Punjab Police planted Vijender’s car outside the flat from where heroin was recovered.  Contradicting the Punjab Police version, Dinesh said that he and one of his friends had accompanied Ram Singh at the police station but the policemen asked them to go and leave the car behind which was later found at Zirakpur.  “Me and a fellow boxer Bunty accompanied Ram Singh to Fatehgarh Sahib police station in the car which the police claim was found outside the flat. When we reached there, the police told us that Ram would have to be questioned,” Dinesh told PTI….

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