Visa, OCI, PIO and Renunciation Certificate Support Services Outsourced to BLS


HOUSTON: As IAN reported last week, Embassy of India in the USA has awarded new contract to BLS International Services Limited for providing Visa/OCI/PIO/Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Certificate application support services, to be operational from July 1. The current service provider, Travisa Outsourcing, will be closing its services on 28 June at all Embassy and Consulate locations. Applications in person will be accepted by Travisa Outsourcing only upto 27 June. Only Emergency Visas will be entertained by Travisa Outsourcing on 28 June.  All applications sent through mail will be accepted by Travisa Outsourcing upto 21 June.

Applicants, who propose to send their applications by mail thereafter, may send them so as to reach offices of the BLS International Services Limited at jurisdictional locations on  July 1 or thereafter. It may also be noted that Banker’s checks accompanying these applications are drawn in favor of BLS International Services Limited.

Applicants, who already submitted their applications to Travisa, may check status of their applications from Travisa till June 28.   Pending cases, thereafter, will be transferred to the BLS and can be tracked from their website for status and delivery.

Central Call Center details of the BLS International Services Limited are as follows: 

8886837830: BLS – Washing   ton/ New York/ Atlanta

8886837831: BLS – Chicago/   Houston

8886837832: BLS – San Fran   cisco

Website of BLS International Services Limited is

It will be operational starting 25 June.

 Addresses of the BLS offices at different locations are as follows:

Washington, DC: 220 Eye Street NE, Washington, DC 20002

 New York: 13 East, 37th Street, Between 5th and Madison, NY 10001

 Chicago: 55 West, Van Buren, Chicago, IL 60607

  Houston: Suite 515, Level 5, 1235, North Loop West, Houston, Texas 77060

   San Francisco: 4239 Geary Street, SFO CA – 94118

   Atlanta: 5775, Glenridge Drive, Building B, Suite 380, Atlanta, Ga 30328

Due to some technical reasons, Visa services at Atlanta Consulate jurisdiction would begin from 18 July.  Visa applicants from the states under the Atlanta jurisdiction may continue to submit applications as per the current Visa jurisdictions until 17 July.  However, OCI/PIO/Renunciation services would begin at Atlanta Consulate jurisdiction location from July 1.

Consular jurisdiction of Consulate General of India, Houston over the following states would cover the full range of Passport, Visa, OCI, PIO, Surrender Certificates, Miscellaneous services and Consular outreach activities: Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Consulate General of India, Houston would provide Visa services outside its consular jurisdiction until 17 July for the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.