Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America: Houston Chapter Celebrates Thanksgiving with Bhutanese Refugees at Los Arcos Apartments

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From Left: Girish Naik: Raju Behara; Meenakshi Behara; Manasa Behara; Dhruv Nellutla; Vasu Nellutla; Srini Chaganti; Swamy Behara; Isha Chaganti (front row) Venu Nellutla (front row).

HOUSTON: On November 26, Thanksgiving day is celebrated through out America,  Friends and family get together, eat together and thank each other. This is a very significant holiday and that’s exactly what VHP-A-Houston chapter did by sharing the happiness with the Bhutanese refugees at the Los Arcos apartments.

Doctor Swamy Behara and entire family, a long time VHP member has been doing this since the last 2 years and brings his entire family including his nephew Srinivas to be a part of this wonderful experience of giving. Doctor Swami believes that the joy of giving back to the society is very important and wants his entire family to understand, experienceand also appreciate it.

Girish Naik, President of VHP-A also addressed the families and told them that today was a day to be thankful that we are all safe and have a place to stay.  We should all share what we have  and someday when you have plenty you will also give back to the community. He also informed that VHP runs a Hindu heritage camp each year and will sponsor if their kids would like to attend.

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We are also thankful to Dhan Baraily, also a Bhutanese refugee but spend most of his childhood in Nepal for helping coordinate the giving of the food with Doctor Swamy and his entire family.

After the distribution of the food we were invited to local temple within the apartment complex. They have daily prayers and on every Sunday do a bhajan program.

VHP president Girish Naik said this was one of the best thankgiving day he had and was very happy to see the the Bhutanese community has maintained the culture and also have a temple within their community complex.