Vivek Dahiya: When I look deep into Divyanka Tripathi’s eyes, I see her heart, which is filled with love for me!


Divyanka Tripathi’s engagement to Vivek Dahiya is the talk of the town. The two who were rumoured dating shocked everyone by getting engaged last Friday. Co-stars from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, the couple maintain that they were not dating per se. Here’s what the man of the moment Vivek Dahiya had to tell BollywoodLife in an exclusive interview…

How does it feel to be engaged to the most sanskaari bahu of the nation?
It feels excellent (laughs). However, the sanskaari factor wasn’t my prerequisite. I was not hoping for anything of that sort. I wanted a simple girl as my life partner. We think on similar terms. I know we can have a good time together and yet be there for each other throughout. That’s about it. Everything else is a bonus. I am very excited about our future. The kind of love we are getting from people around us is amazing.

Your parents must be the envy of the whole of Chandigarh…
(Hahaha) I am sure about that. When I first told them about her, they felt I was joking. They did not believe me. Mom and dad knew her as a TV personality that was it.

Tell us a bit about your relationship.
Well, it was sort of ‘arranged love’ (laughs). See, I have always had a strong opinion against arranged marriages. I never advocated the idea. Then, there was this friend who set us up. Normally, you take time to know a person and so on. When I met her, I felt everything was right about her. It was instant and spontaneous. I knew she was the one.

How did your parents react to the news?
They had seen her on TV. My parents said if you guys feel you are compatible with each other, we have no issues. They just want us to be happy. When they met her, they were really happy.


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