VSNA Blessed by Poojyashree Allamaprabhu Swamiji’s Visit


HOUSTON: Members of  Veerashaiva  Samaja  of North America  (VSNA)- Houston Chapter which recently celebrated the first ever Basaveshwara Jayanti were blessed by the visit of Poojyashree Allamaprabhu Swamiji from Basava Yoga Trust, Bangalore, India  and Basava Divine Center, Austin. Swamiji visited the chapter during the July Mahamane. The Mahamane was hosted by Amruthesh, Jayanthi and Pragna Shivachar. The program started with Pooja and Prarthana of Guru Basavanna and was followed by Pravachan by Swamiji. In what was a very interactive and enlightening Pravachan, Swamiji gave discourse on variety of points related to personal development. He talked about the need to spend time for self for spiritual development. He mentioned about purifying ourselves in our daily activities by positive actions and thoughts by adopting the principles of Vachanas. The real benefit of Vachanas will be realized when they are adopted in our daily life activities instead of understanding only the literary meaning.  He stressed the importance of everyone practicing meditation on a daily basis and having children also practice it as it would clear the mind of the happenings of the day and allow focusing on the daily activities. The Pravachan had a lot examples on daily activities which the members could relate to easily and also had humor which kept the environment light and helped them in understanding important points related to personality development thru following and adopting Vachanas and following Guru Basavanna’ s path. He was felicitated by chapter president Jyoti Biradar.

Poojya Swamiji invited interested members to attend a workshop conducted under his guidance in Austin from 8/31 to 9/1. The workshop will cover Pooja and its significance, Guidance of Vachanas, Meditation and Pranayama and other important topics. More information can be obtained from info@basavadivinecenter.org or 5126978700.

Poojyashree Allamaprabhu Swamiji is a scholar in Basava Philosophy, is an accomplished practitioner and researcher of Basava Yoga, the tradition taught by Guru Basavanna and his contemporary Sharanas. He is well versed in various systems of Indian philosophy and mystic traditions. Known for his simple lifestyle and calm personality, he has embodied the percept of samate (mental equanimity), a key concept of Sharanas that ensues serenity into life. He is dedicated to the cause of researching and propagating the percepts and practices depicted in Sharanas’ Vachanas. He has undertaken extensive research on Vachanas and intense Sadhana in the tradition of Basavanna. In Sharana tradition, he performs his kayaka of delivering pravachanas and guiding spiritual aspirants. He has authored several books on Vachanas and Sharanas of which Enriching Life is very popular in the USA. He is also the editor of Basava Kirana, a monthly magazine. He is a great orator and has extensively lectured in India and USA spreading the eternal message of Vachanas. His elucidating lectures target all classes of the society and have won the acclaim of people from a diverse background.

VSNA Houston Chapter which was formed in Jan 2012 conducts monthly meetings for the members known as Mahamane meetings which are hosted by one of the members. The meetings consist of Pooja and Prarthana of Guru Basavanna followed by recital of Vachanas by children, discussion on Vachana Sahitya by the group and Prasada.

For information on VSNA Houston Chapter email at

vsnahouston@gmail.com or call 8325451185(Jyoti Biradar).