Wadhwanis Support Lone Star College CyFair Scholarships

By Jawahar Malhotra

From left, At the Lone Star College CyFair Scholarship Reception last week, Friday, April 28, LSC Board Trustee Dist. 3, Dr. Alton Smith; Nicole Robinson Gauthier, the Lone Star College Foundation Executive Director; President Dr. Valerie Jones and GIS Scholarship donors Ishu and Ashok Wadhwani.

CYPRESS, TX: Nestled in 200 acres in the northwest part of the county, Lone Star College CyFair is a pretty campus with buildings tucked away between meandering roads and undulating greens. Founded in 2003, the college now has 16,000 students, many who go onto receive their associate degrees from many offered throughout the LSC system.

The LSC Foundation prides itself in its mission to change the lives of its students through scholarships, building relationships and fundraising among other attributes. Since its inception in 1991, It has awarded $18.6 million in scholarships and $8.5 million in program support. In 2021-22 the Foundation raised $2.6 million that provided scholarships to 2,053 students.

And in recognition of the donors for their  support and the hard work and enthusiasm of these students, the CyFair campus held a reception bringing many of the two parties together. At the well-attended luncheon at the campus Conference Center on Friday, April 28, the mood was set by a musical selection of seven pieces performed by students from the Music Department as donors and recipients shared the tables for a brief ceremony.

From left, LSC Geography & GIS Professor Michael Konvicka; GIS Scholarship recipient Kat Amundsen with GIS Scholarship donors Ishu and Ashok Wadhwani

After a brief introduction by LSC CyFair President Dr. Valerie Jones, Claire Center, a scholarship recipient of the Sweeney Family Honors II Endowment spoke of her academic journey and future beyond. She was followed by Nicole Robinson Gauthier, the Lone Star College Foundation Executive Director and Dr. Alton Smith, a member of the Lone Star College Foundation Board.

Among those who attended the reception were GIS Scholarship donors Ishu and Ashok Wadhwani, who were at their table with the GIS Scholarship recipient Kat Amundsen and Michael Konvicka, LSC-CyFair Professor of Geography and GIS.

The Wadhwanis, who owned two successful companies specializing in geospatial systems integration and data management services for more than 35 years, provided a financial helping hand with endowing a scholarship for the LSC-CyFair’s GIS associate degree program.