WE@IAPAC Hosts Dialog on Women’s Rights

HOUSTON: On October 28, the Indian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) hosted its 2nd annual women empowerment event aptly named W.E.@IAPAC at the Junior League of Houston. This year’s event was an invigorating evening with a dialogue focused on women’s health and reproductive rights.

Dr. Roopa Gir, IAPAC president, opened the event with an introduction to IAPAC. The event’s focus was not to sway women one way or another about being pro-choice or pro-life. Instead, it was focused on education – what the current laws are, the implications of Roe v. Wade being rescinded, and how Indian American women in Texas will be impacted and what they can do to ensure their opinions are taken into consideration when laws are being written. Shweta Arora, co-chair of the event, spoke about the importance of women supporting each other and the power women have with their votes, reminding everyone to use their voice by voting.

Passionate about the cause, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee made a special appearance and spoke eloquently about the need for such events. “This is a time when women must assert themselves. We are at a moment in history where it is truly keenly important that women speak up, speak out, and continue to speak informatively.” Quoting her good friend John Lewis, the Congresswoman reminded us “You never give in. You never give out. And you never give up. Because each step of the way there is a hurdle that forces you to reassess whether you are on the right direction or whether you need to recreate your pathway.” Before leaving, Congresswoman Lee presented the Certificates of Congressional Recognition to the panelists and the IAPAC event co-chairs.

The panel consisted of Former State Representative and attorney Sarah Davis; Board Certified OBGYN and Chief Medical Officer of the Gulf Coast Chapter of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Shute-Aine; and Director of Training of the Houston Area Women’s Center and Reserve Harris County Deputy, Michelle Sacks. The conversation was seamlessly moderated by Chau Nguyen, a licensed Master Social Worker and Trauma Therapist.  The event was attended by several women leaders from the community. Adding to the impact of the evening, present were representatives from Al Green’s office, Senator Huffman’s office and Former Councilmember Amanda Edwards.

The guests appreciated the powerhouse of panelists and insights they provided. In addition to sharing their expertise, the panelists took the time to answer questions from the audience. It was such an engaging experience that the discussions continued longer than initially planned.

Yasmin Udawala, co-chair of the event thanked the panelists and the IAPAC volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this a successful event.


The Indian American Political Action Committee of Greater Houston (IAPAC) is the only non- partisan PAC representing Indian Americans of the Greater Houston region to be a voice for Indian Americans in the political arena, to facilitate partnerships with governing elected officials, and engage Indian Americans living in the region in the political process. To learn more about IAPAC, please visit www.iapacgh.org or email IAPACHOUSTON@GMAIL.COM.