What Not to Do in New York City

(Photo: Thinkstock/Creatasx)

(Photo: Thinkstock/Creatasx)

New Yorkers aren’t exactly famous for being polite to tourists, but that’s just because most tourists don’t know how to act in the Big Apple. The good news: It’s not so hard. Just follow these simple rules of conduct — from how to behave on the subway to when it’s actually okay to ask for help — and you’ll blend right in on your next trip! Here’s the inside scoop on what you shouldn’t do in New York City.

Stop in the Middle of the Sidewalk

The majority of city residents don’t drive, so the sidewalks are like streets, with the same type of “traffic” laws. Respect them and don’t stop dead in the middle of the street to take a picture or to consult your map. Instead, “pull over” to the side so that pedestrian traffic won’t run into you.


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