What The Heck Is Inbound Marketing Hits Number 1 on Amazon Best Seller Lists


HOUSTON: Andy Alagappan, best selling author hit #1 on the Amazon.com and International Best Sellers List on July 5,  with the book, What The Heck Is Inbound Marketing? The book also ranked No. 1 in the Business Ethics and Search Engine Optimization categories in USA and Canada. It hit #5 in Germany.

What The Heck is Inbound Marketing book is a quick stress free overview of inbound marketing: SEO search engine optimization process. SEO is a proven tactic of producing leads on line.

Andy Alagappan is an industry leader with more than 9 years of proven experience, Andy Alagappan provides proven B2B & B2C online inbound marketing solutions that helps websites to not only increase their web site traffic and sales, but also create online brands on search engines.

What is it? A quick and stress free overview of the inbound marketing: SEO / Search Engine Optimization process. Businesses will ask why do I require It?

There is a revelation happening in specialized products and services promotion. Firms that bind inbound marketing and SEO’s power grow faster and be more profitable. Businesses need to understand how on line marketing will help their firm’s marketing.

Andy explains, “We’ve been doing online marketing, web development for nine years now. Basically the last five years, we shifted focus to more B2B clients, and we are also getting some enquires daily for B2C clients. Online marketing visibility is not an option anymore. Prospects are starting to realize that. The Yellow Pages are pretty much dead. Newspaper ads, they can run some magazine ads to maybe get new business. The first question I ask potential clients is when they call me, how do you get new business? And then I Listen to what they say.  That’s the main reason they call us. They want more new business. We try to analyze where they are right now. What’s working, and what’s not working?

Obviously something is not working. That’s why they want to have a conversation with us. Online visibility is the future. The advent of smartphones, the searches from smartphone devices have increased more than desktop computers, and laptop searches. This is according to Google. People are searching for the services whenever they want it, 11 o’clock at night or 5 in the morning, looking for solutions to help them in their business. This is the reality. This is what we educate our clients on, we don’t do any hard-selling . We just educate them. Here is what your competition is doing. Here is where you are today compared to these guys your competition. Look at their online presence, then we educate them on what it is they need to do.”

To find out more about Andy and his company visit: epromotionz.net