Will Zanjeer 2013 recreate the magic?


Tick tock tick tock! The clock is ticking and the anticipation is building. Will the new Zanjeerbe as good and iconic as the old one? Uhh! We are super excited! The 1973 Zanjeer was an iconic movie and had a crazy star cast. The movie did not depend on the songs or the hero or the plot but became a hit due to the joint effort of the entire crew. Zanjeer 2013 boasts of the best cast that one can have and the music is pretty good too. But will it be enough to re create magic? Lets hope so!

 This would be the most difficult character to judge and gauge! This was the point where Amitabh Bachchan was at the peak of his career and his acting was mind blowing. He was this intense brooding yet charming inspector who took his job very seriously. Ram Charan will have to up his quotient to an insane level to even come close to that of Amitabh’s. His accent would be a serious let down. But! We never know, that might just suit him. Fingers crossed!…

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