William Makes Dosa In Mumbai, But Kate Refuses A Bite


MUMBAI:  Britain’s Prince William helped cook a Dosa in Mumbai on Monday after he and wife Kate met perhaps their biggest fan in India, making the 93-year-old’s dream come true.

The Duke of Cambridge met entrepreneurs and inventors before getting his chef on using an automatic device called DosaMatic.

After watching a demonstration, William gladly poured some batter and waited for the Dosa to cook before tasting a bit and declaring it “not bad”, although the Duchess could not be tempted with a bite.

Day 2 of their tour of India came after the royal couple met Boman Kohinoor, owner of Mumbai’s most famous Parsi cafe, on Sunday evening.

Kohinoor, 93, has a strong claim to be India’s biggest fan of the British royal family — giant cardboard cutouts of William and Kate adorn his restaurant . His dream came true after William and Kate were made aware of a social media campaign with the hashtag #WillKatMeetMe.

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