Wishful Crafts


By Summer Singh

HOUSTON: My name is Summer Singh, and I have begun a non-profit called Wishful Crafts. Wishful Crafts makes dreamcatchers and employs help from my peers in school and others. With every dreamcatcher made, Wishful Crafts continues to donate all the proceeds towards the Ronald McDonald House in Houston, Texas. Dreamcatchers, or the beautiful crafts of the Native Americans, were woven for the children of the tribe. Crafted in intricate patterns and decorated with beads and feathers, they are designed to protect the children from terrifying nightmares. The stories tell that all dreams of the child swirl above the head, and when the dreamcatcher is placed nearby, the dreams will pass through, and the negative dreams will get tangled in the intricate webs tied, resulting in only the positive dreams reaching the child. It broke my heart that all these children have to undergo such severe therapy. I sat down with a couple of the children in the Ronald McDonald House and helped them make a couple of dreamcatchers. After the first day they seemed to be pros! The non-profit organization will forward all proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House, located in Houston, Texas. Additional donations along with the purchases are more than welcome as well. However, it is the story surrounding the dreamcatchers that the kids enjoy the most. I have also released a CD of some meditation chants called Atman Mantra Chants under Sai Samarchita Singh, and gave it a test run at the Ronald McDonald House, and they love it! I just started last month, and my goal is to raise at least $550 by the end of the school year. I’m selling both my CDs and the dreamcatchers, and we are accepting donations as well!

The website for the nonprofit is www.wishfularts.com and the meditation chants are available on iTunes and Amazon; there will be more CDs coming out soon!