Women: Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today!


Photos: Dr. Nik Nikam & Vanshika Vipin Varma

By Vanshika Vipin Varma

HOUSTON: Women have been active participants in all walks of life. Shouldering, embracing and balancing responsibilities at home and work, women have their aspirations, abilities and qualities as a man does.  Yet, women receive only one-tenth of the world’s income. Women’s empowerment has become a significant topic of discussion in development and economics. ‘Women’s Voice for Better America’ is one such noble institution that was initiated to enable women from all walks of life to have a better quality of life, with confidence, knowledge and a network for professional and personal growth. Women’s Voice for Better America is committed to empowering women, thereby strengthening families and transforming communities.



Women’s Voice for better America, a multi-ethnic organization dedicated to the advancement of issues pertaining to women, organized their 2nd Annual Opportunity Fair for Women, on Saturday, August 12.  The organization focuses on increasing women’s access to healthcare, careers, entrepreneurship, finance, voter education, family support and civic engagement. With the support of their rich network of diverse women, this organization has enthusiastically opened the doors of opportunities for women to empower them. Determined and committed to their objective, the passionate and dedicated network of Women’s Voice for Better America put in their efforts to organize this 2nd “Opportunity Fair” in just few months, creating a new momentum for all women presenters, participants, booth holders and volunteers. This was an accomplishment indeed, as the network provides a unique platform thus encouraging women to advance in life and in society.

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The event was held in the afternoon from 1 to 4 pm at the spacious Memorial Hermann, Southwest. A variety of resourceful, seasoned and proficient associations had set up kiosks, and information was freely available for close to a hundred attendees that had pre-registered or walked in. The promotional booths offered a line-up of resources ranging from credit education to child advocacy, and yoga to fashion designing. The fair included presenters from MD Anderson, SCORE Houston, SBA, Workforce Solutions, Ibn Sina Community Medical Center, Woodforest National Bank, civic organizations such as League of Women Voters, NALEO Educational Fund, Equal Vote America, Fort Bend for ALL.  These varied topics of interests helped in motivating and catapulting women towards their goals in life. Attendees participated with camaraderie, and a quest to source information about job search skills, business start-ups, finances, investments, and healthy living. Free parking, raffles and refreshments were an icing on the cake. This event was full of learning’s, enlightenment, wisdom exchanges and much more. The energy and the action in the hall was phenomenal. The number of attendees were much more than last year and this has given a boost and confidence to the organizing team, to persistently continue their hard work in improving the social, economic, political and legal strength of women.

To join Women’s Voice for better America and for further details contact Neeta Sane @ 832-279-9601 or Shaheen Vora at 281-235-7883. To view more information about ‘Opportunity Fair’ visit https://www.facebook.com/OpportunityFair2017