Women’s Cricket Tournament


By Ravi Ozarker

HOUSTON: Winning and loosing aside, the Houston Maharashtra Mandal (HMM) vs. NextGen Club Women’s cricket tournament was organized to promote sporting activities for women and kids. HMM would like to thank the NextGen Women’s Cricket Team, Umpire Saurabh Malhotra, Coach Haribabu Chittibabu, Coach Sharad Annaldasula, Scorer Satish, Sanjay Agarwal, Col. Vipin, HMM 2016 Committee Members, and India House for their efforts.

HMM women’s team won the final against a Tough local women’s Cricket team, NextGen. Practices for this final match were going on for the past two months and it was for the first time that both teams met each other in full force on 5/22. The weather was cool and pitch was a bit moist due to the rain. HMM Team bowled extremely well and only gave 45 runs in 12 overs.   NextGen team also bowled very well but HMM won by 3 overs remaining and 8 wickets in hand. Captain of NextGen Cricket team Tanu Bedi, Vice- Captain Amudha Valli Narasimhan, Captain of HMM Team Megha Ozarker and Vice-Captain Shilpa Nagle all agreed that the match was very competitive and players from both sides gave their personal best.  They all agreed that women should play more competitive sports for fun and exercise.

Overall it was a very exciting fun filled event even for the spectators.  A 100m kids race was also organized at the same time to keep the kids engaged during the match.