World Hindu Economic Forum Comes to USA

World Hindu Economic Forum

HOUSTON: Swami Vigyananand, the Founder of World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF), was in Houston on Sunday, May 1,  to promote the 2016 convention taking place in Los Angeles in November 2016. During course of his one hour address to close to 50 Community Leaders, Businessmen, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs he dismantled many stereotypes related to wealth creation and the role of Artha (wealth) in Hindu dharma. He spoke candidly about the plethora of ideas but paucity of execution when it comes to business ventures. He delved into History to show how Bharat (India) commanded as much as 35% share of the World GDP for over 2000 years and how during the last two centuries the Indian share came down gradually to merely 2%. Quoting extensively from the scriptures and discourses among learned Rishis (sages), he exhorted the community to break free from the shackles of “individual brilliantness” and graduate to “collective success”. Drawing on his experiences from Asia and Africa, he talked about the work done by WHEF in creating an ecosystem to help Hindu business flourish locally and globally by promoting a business networking platform.

Inspired by Swami Vigyananand’s vision, noted Industrialist Ramesh Bhutada announced a sponsorship of $10,000 to support WHEF Los Angeles event. Houston also resolved to send a strong 30 to 40 member delegation to LA.

About World Hindu Economic Forum November 2016:
Dharmasya Moolam Arthah (Economy is the Foundation and Strength for Community Success). With a vision of ‘Making Society Prosperous’ and on a mission of ‘Creating and Sharing Surplus Wealth’, The World Hindu Economic Forum brings together financially successful elements within the Hindu Society such as traders, bankers, industrialists, businessmen, professionals, technocrats, investors along with economists and thinkers, so that each group can share their business knowledge, experience, expertise and resources with their fellow brethren. The WHEF journey began in 2012 at Hong Kong, followed by successful annual forums in Bangkok 2013, New Delhi 2014, London 2015, and several regional forums along the way.

USA is the premier economic power in the world. It is driven by a spirit of entrepreneurship and leads the world in fields of finance and technological innovation. There are multiple opportunities for growth across the length & breadth of this vast nation. Los Angeles (LA) is the third-largest economic metropolitan area in the world. LA is a global hub for international trade, manufacturing, technology, finance, entertainment and fashion – making it an excellent venue for an economic forum. The WHEF 2016 conference @ Los Angeles will enable Hindus from across the world to network, get first hand insights into the North & South American markets, and pursue opportunities for mutual growth.

Swami Vigyanand is a towering intellectual of Hindu / Sanatana Dharma and a distinguished scholar on Hinduism and global Hindu movement. He is an intellectual mentor and strategic guide for hundreds of distinguished Hindu activists and organizations operating multitude of Hindu empowerment and awareness projects with a world-wide scope comprising Asia Pacific, European, South Asian,  African and American regions. He did his Bachelors in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India and then spent 10 years learning Sanskrit and Religious philosophy, in the process earning Vidyavaridhi (Ph.D.) in Eastern Philosophy which includes six school of Hindu Philosophy (Upang) along with Buddhist, Jain, Atheist Philosophy and other Hindu school of Philosophy and Vachaspathi (Doc. of Lit) Brahmana and Vedic Samhita degrees.

For more information about WHEF 2016 in Los Angeles visit  . You can contact Ramesh Shah, Gitesh Desai or Achalesh Amar locally in Houston with any questions related to WHEF.