Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Adi Taken To Custody, Shagun Furious

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July written episode: Raman comes to Ishita’s clinic and breaks down. He confesses that he has lied to her and also reveals that Adi was responsible for the accident. Ishita answers that she knows it, but did not tell anything to him as he hid the facts from her. She feels bad to see that he cannot trust her. Raman says that Shagun prevented him from telling her the truth, swearing in Adi’s name. Raman shares the matter of Adi’s school. He cannot bear the fact that Shagun has spoilt his child so much. She is not a mother, says Raman, as a true mother never hides the mistake of her child, but corrects it. Raman tells Ishita that Shagun can be a bad mother, but he will not be a bad father. He will make his son realize his mistake and take him to the right path. He asks for Ishita’s support. Ishita promises to be with him in his fight. Shagun receives an order from the juvenile court which has sent a call for Adi. Adi is taken to the court by the court staffs, being followed by Shagun. Shagun calls Raman’s father and shouts at him, as she is not able to contact Raman. ADVERTISEMENT Toshi becomes angry knowing that Adi has been named as the culprit in the court. She goes to Madhavi and asks her why Ishita has done so, after making a promise that she would spare Adi.

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