Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: OMG! Ishita to get intimate with Ashok behind Raman’s back?


In the last episode, we saw ACP Abhishek interrogating Pathak, accusing him of murdering the watchman. Pathak maintained that he merely hid the body, as he found it in his car’s dikki and did not kill the watchman. After being constantly grilled, Pathak informed Abhishek as well as Raman(Karan Patel)-Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi), that his wife Trisha’s life was in danger. He told them about her gambling problem and how a bunch of goons had kidnapped her. In order to solve Trisha’s problem, Pathak had approached Ashok for a solution and mentioned that he might be responsible for the watchman’s murder. Later, Ishita informed Shagun(Anita Hassanandani) and Prateek about Pathak’s confession. She stated that Ashok is eager to kill Raman and if he learns that they know about his truth, he would be more keen to do so. She said that he would approach Shagun soon, in order to extract information about Raman from her. the episode ended with Ishita stating that she would have to act like Shagun once again and pretend to be possessed, in order to fool Ashok as he might just tell her about the informer from Bhalla house who is giving him information regarding Raman and his whereabouts.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Ashok inviting Ishita to his place. She will pretend to be possessed by Shagun’s spirit. She will then flirt with Ashok and even get intimate with him! Wow we didn’t see that coming.


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