YLDP Bridges Houston Food Bank


By Bindu Yarlagadda 

HOUSTON: “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” This quote perfectly suites Brian Greene, President and CEO of the Houston Food Bank, as his determined vision strives for the expansion in his organization and the overall well-being of individuals in need. On Saturday morning, October 12, the YLDP class of 2014 had the unique opportunity to meet with Brian Greene for a philanthropy session to learn about the mission and leadership behind the food bank.


Contrasting from a typical speech, Greene evoked a discussion amongst the students and interacted with them while actively addressing their thoughts and questions about leadership. The importance to maximize the impact of our role in the community and seek opportunities by constantly responding to them stood out to be the keypoints from Greene’s presentation.

Deservingly, the Houston Food Bank stands as the nation’s largest size Feeding America food bank. It provides and distributes several million nutritious meals each year to the hungry in addition to other living necessities. As philanthropy is defined to be the practice of giving time to help make life better for other people, Greene clearly developed that idea by leading the food bank

While taking a tour, students were able to see the work that goes behind the services of the non-profit organization such as sorting and packaging. Volunteers are considered to be the engine of the food bank as hundreds of them spend countless hours there. Vibrant colors and structures apparent in the food bank make the environment amiable, comfortable, and fun.

By learning that the powerful combination of strong leadership and management serves as fundamental factor of success, I can easily state that this was an eventful experience to prepare my mind for the future and make a lasting difference in my surroundings.