YLDP Learns the Quality of Leadership


By Shriya Konduri

HOUSTON: The glue that holds the team together, leadership is a quality that cannot be undermined.

Leadership should be identified, honed, and utilized through every aspect of one’s journey. A quality leader can encourage and motivate a team to overcome insurmountable obstacles to ultimately accomplish remarkable goals. A leader should be able to seize any opportunity presented to them and view every situation in a positive light. Our YLDP ground was able to truly understand this after Dr. Hardeep Singh told us about the journey to his success.

On March 4, Dr. Singh provided the YLDP ground with some invaluable insight. We learned about his struggles threatened to persuade him to stop his research but his determination and passion prevailed. After constant rejection from grant after grant, Dr. Singh almost gave up trying to continue his fascinating research. With just one more chance, Dr. Singh was able to lock down a prestigious grant and train an accomplished team to achieve incredible goals.

We learned that every little situation of difficulty we come across would help shape our futures in incomprehensible ways. Dr. Singh only got to his position through undesirable and unforeseen complications, which without could have changed his overall career. A quality leader needs to be able to use every obstacle to his advantage and motivate a group to continue their advancements.