Yoga: The Mind-Body Wellness Connection


SDM camp with city of Houston Diabetes center “DAWN Center”

By: Satyanarayana V. Chilukuri, M.D

HOUSTON: One of the most striking areas of research, in the area of psychoneuroimmunology, is how stress impacts our mind and our immune system, and how psychological, neural and immunologic processes interact and shape human health and behavior (Ader R, Felton DL & Cohen N).  Uncontrolled overwhelming stress is one of the greatest factors in shortening our life span, just behind smoking and poor diet.

Your mind can actually alter your genetic activity – in ways that may significantly improve your health and heal you of a number of diseases. Scientific research has proven that your mind can help control your body – all the way down to your genes’ activity. Your mind can influence your body for good or ill, and you can learn how to effect beneficial changes and achieve better health. These genetic findings help bring back into play certain traditional mind body practices – such as meditation, yoga, prayer, repetitive-worship music and rituals (Herbert Benson, MD)

According to Dr. Alexandra, mind-body therapies – that is ‘Neuro-immunomodulatory’ pathways which modulate the immune system via the neural (nerve) network – provide a powerful explanation of how many complementary approaches may actually work, and how to make them even more effective on a predictable and reproducible basis. Yoga classes offered by non-profit organizations such as Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana ( VYASA) – Houston in collaboration with Sewa International, Houston Chapter can be one of the best ways to combat stress and stress related disorders like Diabetes Mellitus, High Blood pressure, etc.  Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM) camps have been organized in Houston area since past 2 years. Some of the benefits of doing Yoga are:

Diabetes – Yoga improves glucose and lipid metabolism, reduces incidence of diabetes related complications by modulating neuroendocrineimmune function of the body. Yoga may also alter the gene expression, improve the insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin resistance, thereby lower blood glucose and HBA1C levels, reduce the need for medication and their side effects as well as the cost of medical care

Circulation problems –Yoga improves circulation which, in turn, lowers blood pressure and pulse rate.

Cardiovascular – Yoga will help lower your resting heart rate and increase your overall endurance by increasing the amount of oxygen you take in.

Stress – Yoga helps reduce the effects of stress on your body by encouraging relaxation and lowering damaging cortisol levels.

Pain – Daily practice of Yoga – asanas and/or meditation can help relieve aches and pains.

Problematic Breathing – Yoga teaches you to take deeper, slower breaths which will help increase lung function and also trigger the body’s relaxation response.

In a very real way, regular practice of yoga helps to prevent disease and promote health and wellness. The next set of Camps are happening from April 15 to April 24 followed by 10 weekly sessions.  Camps will be held at 4 location concurrently at Sugar Land – Shri Krishna Vrundavana, 10223 Synott , Sugar land TX 77498, Cypress – Sri Govindaji Gaudiya Matha, 16628 Kieth Harrow Blvd., Houston, TX 77084, Katy – Swasth Yoga Studio, 21020 Highland Knolls Dr, Katy, TX 77450 and in Downtown – Houston.

More details are available at . To register for the camp contact: 713 834 4909 / 832 387 8701 or Email – latest by April 5 .

These camp have a totally refundable deposit thus making it free for all participants, as long as they attend the sessions.