You HAVE to watch this old school video of Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor!


Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor was two of the hottest and the brightest stars in the younger generation of Bollywood. While Varun is known for his amazing dance moves and his terrific portrayal in Badlapur, Arjun Kapoor is more known for grounded and gritty roles in Gunday and for his really good hosting skills. It’s a little sad fact for both their fans that they haven’t acted with each other in a film. Or have they?

A short film has been making rounds in the world of internet, featuring the young talents. It would be a surprising fact for many that Arjun and Varun had been batchmates at a Mumbai acting school and the short film was made during those years, when both of them haven’t made their forays into Bollywood-land yet.

The video isn’t too glitzy, and made on almost zero budget. It has a lot of abuses, and the acting appears to be raw, but naturally. What’s surprising here is Varun, himself, has penned the story, screenplay, direction and also handled the camera, apart from appearing in two crucial scenes. That’s some multi-tasking, dude! So are we going to see you direct a feature film soon, Varun? BTW, for all his lady fans, there is a scene where he shows off his bare torso! Arjun, meanwhile, is in his famous Gunday and Ishaqzaade act, and is the better of the lot!

Click here to view the video…