Young Pianist Siblings Win Competitions, Earn Spot at Carnegie Hall


GIOVANNI ALBANESE Jr., India West: Two young Indian American brothers, Parth and Taksh Gupta, took part in separate classical music competitions recently and both were awarded top-2 finishes, earning a trip toCarnegie Hall in New York to perform next year.

The Gupta brothers both performed admirably at the New Jersey Music Teachers Association competition last month. Parth, in the 6-year-old category, took first place for his piano performance of “Dream Echoes” by E.L. Lancaster. Meanwhile, in the 8-year-old piano category, Taksh took second place.

Following their successful performances at the NJMTA young musician competition, the brothers competed in the Crescendo International Music Competition Nov. 22, with each taking first place in their respective age group.

For winning the Crescendo competition, Parth and Taksh advanced to perform at a concert in Carnegie Hall in New York.

Nitin Gupta, the boys’ father, said Taksh, 8, who was born in Reston, Va., first showed signs of his keyboard gift when he was 4 when he started to play with his uncle.

“Very soon we realized that Taksh was progressing fast on the keyboard,” the father told India-West in an e-mail.

Taksh’s parents, Nitin and Srishti, bought him a piano for him to fine-tune and develop the right technique and dynamics.

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