Your Vote Matters: Exercise Your Right to Vote

Have your ever wondered lately where our country and our democracy are headed? Do you believe in government’s capacity to work for the people? Do you think our democracy has been wounded? Remember January 6 th, 2021. Do you believe that we should do our part to make sure democracy functions, something for which our Founders fought for?

About 186 years ago, in 1836 Texas declared independence from Mexico. Now Texans get anotherchance to vote. The right to vote is the most fundamental constitutional right that American citizens enjoy. Voting right gives all citizens a voice in shaping the present and future of our county by allowing us to register our opinion on how our government should operate and who should take the lead. This sacred right and duty -not accorded to citizens of many countries in the world-are not taken seriously by some Americans who fail to recognize how privileged we are to live in this “land of the free and home of the brave”.

Many people have given their lives in wars in various parts of the world defending democracy. We cannot ignore the privileges that people have given their lives to preserve.

All citizens must first be registered to vote. It is a tool that ensures that a citizen can cast a ballot for a candidate who can best represent his or her constituents at local, state and national levels.

Registration can be done on-line at by filling out the required information and receive a postage paid form that will have to be signed and returned. Registration can also be done through the League of Women Voters, the local county offices as well as drives held in public places. Voter registration should not be misconstrued as political events or a part of any political campaign. Voter registration is an apolitical act similar to taking the census.

Citizens who are not registered to vote or do not exercise their right to vote may be unaware of the stakes in a participatory democracy–to elect candidates who will represent their interests. Those who don’t vote are throwing away a chance to have real influence. The elected officials make decisions regarding the education system, property taxes, healthcare and other issues directly affecting our lives. By ignoring their right to vote, those non-voters for all intents and purposes are delegating their rights to people who cast their ballots and are allowing others who have their own interests at heart to influence the outcomes of elections.

Sadly, minorities including Asian Americans do not register and turn out to vote in proportion to their numbers. Less than 60% of Asian Americans voted in the last election. In 2020, Texans ranked 47th in voter turnout in the general election.  About 6 million eligible voters in Texas did not vote in 2020, a Presidential election year. Some call Texas not a Red state or a Blue state but a Non-voting state.

Early voting in Texas is from October 24 th through November 4th and the election is on November 8th. Those who register after October 11 th (the deadline for registering) can vote in future elections after November 8 th.

As the fastest growing minority group in America, it is imperative that our community takes ownership of its role in shaping our government and a nation’s direction by electing candidates who will pursue our agenda. Exercising our right to vote is essential to being a good citizen as well as to ensure that our democratic institutions are protected and passed on to our children.

Our choices are in our ballots. Our voices need to be heard!  PLEASE VOTE !!!