ZAH Makes Awards at Congress2000 Legacy Ceremony

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Aban Rustomji receives award from Dr. Bagherpour and Homi Davier

By Homi Davier

HOUSTON: The Zoroastrian Association of Houston announced two winners for the 2014 congress2000legacy awards in recognition of the academic excellence of their youth going off to college and their contribution to the ZAH center through community service.

The awards were handed out at a spectacular Navroz evening dinner setting at the ZAH Center on West Airport. The chief guest was an Iranian of Zarathushti descent with lineage going back to Kerman, Iran, Dr. Parvin Behroozi Bagherpour, the Associate Vice-Chancellor of International Student Services and Study Abroad at Houston Community College. She has over 30 years of experience in education including teaching, counseling and administration.

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Tanaz Sunavala accepting the award on behalf of Farzad from Dr. Bagherpour

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Farzad Sunavala

Bagherpour presented both the winners with their checks and certificates of achievement.  She also presented Aban Rustomji a special recognition certificate for her dedication and contribution to the congress2000legacy project.

This year, again, competition was fierce, and it took careful deliberation for the selection committee to come up with two winners. This year’s winners are Natalya Haveliwala who received the congress2000legacy award and Farzad Sunavala who received the Cyrus Rohinton Desai award. Both are commended on their achievements, dedication, and contributions. Both awards recognize ZAH students who have achieved excellence in their scholastic studies, in extra-curricular activities and who have made substantial contribution to community affairs.

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Natalya Haveliwala receives award from Dr. Bagherpour

The congress2000 legacy award was established from funds generated after the success of World Zoroastrian Congress 2000 and additional grants. The award recognizes young ZAH students who are studying at the University level.

The Cyrus Rohinton Desai Award for $3,000 was set up by the Desai family in memory of their son, a courageous young Houstonian who lost his battle with cancer. It was Cyrus’s ardent desire to go to college but sadly this was not meant to be and so this award is given exclusively to the person who is going off to college.
This year the panel of judges were; Dr. Beheruz N. Sethna; Dr. Poras T. Balsara; Dr Yezdi H. Godiwalla, Dr. Tinaz Pavri; Dr. Farah Shroff; and the ZAH Youth representative on the committee Pearline E Collector.

The Legacy committee of Aban Rustomji, Dr Farrokh Mistree, Pearline Collector, Percy Behramsha and Vispi Sagar, under the Chair Homi Davier have worked hard over the past nine years to continue the tradition of offering the awards, and bid adieu to Rustomji with a parting award.