Zee Salutes ‘Army Behind the Army’ at Cine Awards


MUMBAI: We are protected by the strength of the Indian army. But, have we ever pondered over the source of their strength? Their strength is an army behind them in the form of mothers, wives, sisters, daughters who silently toil day and night making up for their sons, husbands and fathers who are busy protecting the nation. Zee salutes this real Army behind the Army.

It is not with medals and trumpets but with respect and recognition, Zee acknowledges their huge contribution and sacrifice.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises is a global content company which has always focused on Women Empowerment, either through its content offerings or social initiatives. In this journey of empowering women, Zee has launched a special initiative called ArmybehindtheArmy, which aims at recognizing the selfless women behind our brave soldiers and who are the true source of their inspiration.

#ArmyBehindTheArmy has been created and conceptualized by Zee’s creative agency ­ FCB Ulka Advertising. Going beyond a mere advertising idea, this initiative is rooted in real life and aims to give army wives and mothers the honor they truly deserve for their role in nurturing families, building strong communities and a healthy nation. It also brings to light the epic work which this real army behind the brave soldiers does, to support its families.

For the past 25 years, Zee has supported and given Indian women a voice onscreen through its content as well as sought betterment for them through on ground social initiatives. #ArmyBehindTheArmy is another major step taken by Zee in this direction.

Zee MD & CEO Punit Goenka said, “I’m extremely thrilled to launch this initiative which salutes the real army behind our brave soldiers. In our journey of 25 years, Zee has always stood for Women, and we’ll continue to do so forever.”

FCB Ulka Advertising chief creative officer Swati Bhattacharya says, “When we think of the word ‘soldier’ we always think of a man. When we hear the word ‘patriotism’ we think of loud slogans, louder gunshots and again men.

For me this idea is about two important words, ‘respect’ and ‘recognition’. For me the mothers, wives and daughters of the army are the stronger army. They are our Paramvirs and our Mahavirs. Let’s celebrate their strength and their nationalism. Let’s salute the #ArmyBehindTheArmy. I’m grateful to Zee for their support in launching this initiative.”

A 2­minute salutation anthem video capturing the idea was presented by Anushka Sharma who herself hails from an army family.

Zee Live & Zee Talent head – corporate brand & communications and CEO Sunil Buch said, “While our brave soldiers Respect & Recognize, the women behind their bravery, it is time that every citizen of our nation salutes them and applauds their contribution.”

The salutation anthem film shot by director Ken Rolston from Story Tellers, a leading film production house brings alive the grit and inner struggle of these women through a powerful and emotive narrative – Hum Hain. The film is a montage of portraits of real wives, widows and mothers of the forces. We see them in the fields, in their homes, with their children, with the wedding album, going through life… alone.

The strong visual cue – a unique visual identity designed by FCB Ulka for the initiative – is inspired by army fatigues, with a camouflage design that is derived from women in various acts of nurturing and caring. This lends a strong visual and emotive character to the communication.

A multimedia campaign was launched that included social media, mass media, and across the leading channels of Zee backed with on ground activities.