Zubaan Movie Review


STORY: A young boy Dilsher (Vicky Kaushal) from a small town in Punjab moves to Delhi in the quest of prosperity. But as he journeys down the rocky road that leads to it, he is harrowed by the persistent question – what is success?

REVIEW: Zubaan has a feeble story which doesn’t do justice to its technical finesse. It is hardly appealing in the first hour but with solid performers like Vicky Kaushal and Manish Chaudhari, the film soars over its runtime.

It is the kind that takes a while to brew. Its story about a young man harbouring a big dream is hardly novel. Director-writer Mozez Singh laces the build-up with mystery, but it eventually is just a mirage. It culminates into a climax that is hardly suspenseful. But by the last scene, something about the film manages to pierce your soul.

It is presumably the palpability Vicky gets on screen. His natural stammer, the way his face lights up when he meets his idol, his desperation to prove himself and mostly the despair on his face when he is pushed into self-doubt is earnest. Manish matches it with his prowess over the art. He is minimal with the words and majestic with his expressions. The rest of the cast never come close to these two in terms of performances.

The musical is high on drama. Juxtaposed with the track of a father-son duo who is struggling to acknowledge each other, is the one of a son who is fighting ghosts from the past with the help of his Babaji’s music. The only track that doesn’t work here is Dilsher’s love story with Amira (Sarah-Jane Dias), which is jarring. They have zero chemistry and the film could have done without the romantic element.

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