Club 24+ Celebrates Valentine’s Day with a Bollywood Skit


Ladies of Club 24+ gathered for a group photo after posing for individual couples’ photos. Photos by Bijay Dixit.

HOUSTON: Club 24+ members were able to get an early start to Valentine’s Day romantic festivities with their annual luncheon on Sunday, Feb. 9 at Magiano’s Italian restaurant in the Galleria.
Magiano’s second-floor party room was decorated in the festive Valentine’s balloons and party favors and even small teddy bears on each table.

Social Committee Chair Hansa Patel welcomed Club 24 Plus members and their guests to the special occasion and thanked Social Committee members that included Madhu Goel, Prabha Garg, Kiran Gupta and Nimmo Bhagat. Kiran was particularly helpful in making arrangements with Magiano’s, Hansa said.

Hansa recruited her husband Vimal to write a fun-filled skit around a Bollywood romance that had eight couples do various dialogs from early courtship through “Aati kya Khandala” to 25 years later with “Buddha mil gaya!”

Club 24 Plus Founder Ashok Garg welcomed new members, who were C.V. Rao, Eric and Tanya Merchant, Paul Vo and Gisela Tejada, Genevieve and Curtis Rowland and.
Another Club 24 Founder, Dr. Vivek Kavadi, came to the podium to thank Manisha Gandhi for her service as club president.